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APPS - FNDWRR.exe getting "Authentication failed" when trying to view completed request notification

Topic ID: 1180
Created By: 2006-OCT-04 15:46:18 [Vitaliy]
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2006-OCT-04 15:46:18
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APPS - FNDWRR.exe getting "Authentication failed" when trying to view completed 
request notification

Upon completion of a concurrent request ORACLE APPS can send an FYI 
notification using Workflow if you specify the users to notify in the 
completion options of the request.

I used this feature to notify 3 people -- we all got notifications and I was 
able to click on the attachment link to view the output of the request.  The 
problem is that apparently the attachment link becomes invalid right after it's 
used ONCE!  On all subsequent clicks you will receive the following message:

   Authentication failed.

A sample link would look like so:

After pondering this problem I found the following explanation on ORACLE 
Metalink (paraphrased):

   Basically it's a security feature and it's designed to only show the
   URL once.  After one of the recipients clicks on the attachment link
   the temp_id is removed and you can no longer view the attachment.

Oracle development claims that:

   "The security is definitely needed"

and that:

   "providing a URL that allows anyone on the network to access a 
    report would be a major security hole.

Well I agree but it also applies to that ONE click -- instead of expiring a URL 
after one of the recipients clicks on it ORACLE should have implemented a 
secure way of reviewing this URL to begin with.

   Note:77576.1 Why are Completed Requests Only Available For One Viewing?
   Last Revision Date: 11-OCT-2004